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Director Date Year Title Producer
June 2009 2008-2009 Abbey Award Winners
June 2007 2006-2007 Abbey Award Winners
June 2008 2007-2008 Abbey Award Winners
June 2010 2009-2010 Abbey Award Winners
June 2014 Abbey Awards 2014-2015
June 2013 Abbey Awards 2013-2015
March 2012 Dark
Aaron Abrams September-October 2005 The Butler Did It The Theater
Aaron Abrams May-June 2001 Laughter on the 23rd Floor The Theater
Aaron Abrams January-February 2000 Twelve Angry Men Channing Boyer
Aaron Abrams January-February 2004 Deathtrap The Theater
Aida Porras-Grigsby September-October 1984 A Tomb With A View unknown
Alex Koba September-October 1978 To Kill A Mockingbird Flo Blackstock
Alex Koba May 1971 Big Knife unknown
Art Winslow November-December 1985 On Golden Pond Lorraine McWilliams
Art Winslow November-December 1981 The Haunting Of Hill House Art Winslow
Art Winslow September-October 1980 Rashomon Jack Secord
Art Winslow July-August 1979 Missing Link Bruce Miller
Art Winslow May-June 1981 A Midsummer Night's Dream Art Winslow
Art Winslow May-June 1984 Annie Get Your Gun Carol Beckett
Art Winslow January-February 1987 To Gillian, On Her 37th Birthday Helen Higgins
Austin Peay August 2014 Pygmalion
Beth Titus November 2010 Cheaters-2010
Beth Titus September-October 1991 Cheaters Edward J. Steneck
Bradley Miller November-December 2002 Play It Again, Sam-2002
Bradley Miller September-October 2000 Mister Roberts-2000 The Theater
Bradley Miller May-June 1999 Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got The Will? Aaron Abrams
Brandon Ferruccio October 2015 The Uninvited
Brandon Ferruccio May 2014 The Women
Brandon Feruccio May 2012 The Hollow
Carol Filian May-June 1980 The Royal Family Carol Filian
Channing Boyer January-February 2005 Night Watch
Channing Boyer and Tom Mynar November-December 2001 Go Back For Murder The Theater
Charles Taylor September-October 1986 The Misanthrope Lee Dorman
Charles Taylor September-October 1990 A Servant Of Two Masters Theresa Beck & JennyPorter
Charles Taylor July-August 1983 Androcles And Lion Art Winslow
Chris Coleman March 2013 Caught In The Net
Chuck Staneart January-February 1978 Lion In Winter Flo Blackstock & Ron Filian
Clark Burson November-December 1980 Count Dracula Lorraine McWilliams
Clark Burson January-February 1982 The Seven Year Itch Flo Blackstock
Clark Burson January-February 1983 Silver Whistle Clark Burson & Michael Aquila
Dan Halkyard January-February 1988 Brighton Beach Memoirs Steve Carlock
Denise Kenney September-October 1995 The Nerd Sandi Newcomb
Diane Burland November-December 1987 Wizard Of Oz Lee Dorman
Diane Schochet July-August 1975 Aesop's Fables unknown
Dohn Wayne Shaw November-December 1983 Witness For The Prosecution Dohn Wayne Shaw
Dohn Wayne Shaw March-April 1983 Inherit The Wind Clarence Blackstock
Doris Allen November-December 1976 The Rainmaker Ron Filian
Doris Allen September-October 1975 Period Of Adjustment unknown
Doris Allen June 1969 Haunted Wood unknown
Doris Allen April-May 1970 Streetcar Named Desire unknown
Edward J. Steneck September-October 1989 You Can't Take It With You Marc LeBlanc
Edward J. Steneck March-April 1995 GodSpell-1995 Jeff Crumley
Edward J. Steneck January-February 1992 Spider's Web Marc LeBlanc
Edward J. Steneck January-February 1998 Lion In Winter-1998 Lenore Stjerne
Edward J. Steneck January-February 1993 You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown-1993 Ricky Lee
Fred West October-November 1971 You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown unknown
Fred West August-September 1971 Once Upon A Mattress unknown
Fred West July-August 1973 Mame unknown
Fred West August 1972 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum unknown
Fred West ? 1974 Promises, Promises unknown
Greg Newcomb September-October 2007 The Odd Couple-2007
Greg Newcomb September-October 2004 Dearly Departed
Greg Newcomb October 2014 Dracla
Greg Z. Newcomb November 2011 Christmas Belles
Greg Z. Newcomb September 2008 The Nerd-2008 The Theater
Greg Z. Newcomb November 2009 Dearly Beloved
Greg Z. Newcomb September-October 2006 The Murder Room
Greg Z. Newcomb January 2011 The Curious Savage-2011
Greg Z. Newcomb January 2013 Southern Hospitality
Gregory Cohen November-December 1988 See How They Run-1988 Jan Angelino
Gregory Cohen May-June 1988 Dracula The Musical Jan Angelino
Gregory Cohen March-April 1987 The Supporting Cast Michael Homer
Hal Ralston May-June 1976 Play It Again Sam unknown
Herman Boodman November 1975 Siz RMS Riv Vu unknown
J.D. Reichelderfer May-June 1982 The Front Page Carol Beckett
J.D. Reichelderfer May-June 1989 The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Lee Dorman
J.D. Reichelderfer May-June 1983 The Philadelphia Story Bill Malkin
J.D. Reichelderfer March-April 1981 Victoria's House J.D. Reichelderfer
J.D. Reichelderfer January-February 1990 The Good Doctor Dani Ballew
Jack Secord September-October 1981 Middle Of The Night Jack Secord
Jack Secord July-August 1980 Last Of The Class Ron Albertson
Jan Angelino November-December 1989 My Three Angels Lee Dorman
Jan Angelino September-October 1987 The Women Lee Dorman
Jan Angelino July-August 1988 Manhattan Merry Go Round Lee Dorman
Jan Angelino July-August 1981 Green Grow The Lilacs Lorraine McWilliams
Jan Angelino May-June 1987 The Man Who Came To Dinner Lee Dorman
Jan Angelino May-June 1985 The Curious Savage Lee Dorman
Jan Angelino March-April 1984 The Best Man Lee Dorman
Jan Angelino January-February 1986 Some Of My Best Friends Lee Dorman
Jeanne Sanner May-June 1990 The Mousetrap-1990 Roz Abrams
Jeff June June 2016 Abbey Awards 2015-2016
Jeff Lowe September 2013 Spider's Web
Jeff Lowe August 2016 Comedy of Errors
Jeff Lowe February 2015 I Love You, You're Perfect, now Change
Jennifer Boudreau November-December 1994 Little Women Jeff Crumley
Jennifer Boudreau September-October 1993 Nunsense Elizabeth Hart
Jennifer Boudreau March-April 2000 Little Shop of Horrors Tom Mynar
Jennifer Boudreau January-February 1999 Killjoy Tom Mynar
Jennifer Boudreau January-February 1996 Bone-Chiller Brooks-Anne & Jeff Crumley
Joan Hagerty February 1967 Never Too late unknown
Joel Ray Ibanez September-October 1996 Barefoot In The Park Sandi Newcomb
John Francis June 2015 Fox on the Fariway
John Francis January-February 1985 The Petrified Forest Lou Brooks & Randy Cobb
John Williams September-October 1977 Kiss Or Make Up unknown
Jon Sparks July-August 2002 Bye Bye Birdie-2002
Jon Sparks March-April 2001 Damn Yankees The Theater
Joyce Skidmore May-June 1975 Prisoner Of Second Avenue unknown
June Winslow September-October 1982 Rain Dohn Wayne Shaw
Karla Franklin November-December 1997 Murder Among Friends Mark D. Lyen
Karla Franklin November-December 2003 The Importance of Being Earnest The Theater
Karla Franklin September-October 1999 Beau Jest Sandi Newcomb
Karla Franklin September-October 1992 The Diary Of Anne Frank Sandi Newcomb
Karla Franklin September-October 1998 Chapter Two Brooks-Anne Crumley
Karla Franklin July-August 1993 Lovers And Other Strangers Sandi Newcomb
Karla Franklin May 2009 Barefoot In The Park-2009 The Theater
Karla Franklin May 2013 Same Time, Next Year
Karla Franklin May-June 1991 The Sound Of Murder Sandi Newcomb & Steve Carlock
Karla Franklin May 2010 Romantic Comedy-2010
Karla Franklin March 2011 Wait Until Dark
Karla Franklin March 2014 California Suite
Karla Franklin January-February 2008 Crossing Delancey
Karla Franklin January-February 2003 Butterflies Are Free-2003
Karla Franklin January-February 2006 Wrong Turn At Lungfish The Theater
Karla Franklin February 2016 Almost, Maine
Karla Franklin January-February 2001 Dial M for Murder The Theater
Karla Franklin January-February 1997 Bell, Book & Candle-1997 Mark D. Lyen
Kent Johnson November-December 1982 Lil Abner Clarence & Flo Blackstock
Kent Johnson September-October 1994 Lend Me A Tenor Brooks-Anne Crumley & Lee Dorman
Kent Johnson September-October 1988 Grease Teddy Harling
Kent Johnson September-October 1979 Sweet Charity J.D. Reichelderfer
Kent Johnson July-August 1991 Pirates Of Penzance Brooks-Anne Crumley & Roz Abrams
Kent Johnson July-August 1995 110 In The Shade Jeff Crumley & Elizabeth Hart
Kent Johnson July-August 1978 Roar Of The Greaspaint - Smell Of The Crowd Kent Johnson
Kent Johnson July-August 1989 West Side Story Brooks-Anne Crumley & Paula Thil
Kent Johnson March-April 1982 The Pajama Game Clarence & Flo Blackstock
Kent Johnson March-April 1985 The Death & Life of Sneaky Fitch Don Barrett
Kent Johnson March-April 1994 Promises, Promises-1994 Teddy Harling & Lee Dorman
Kent Johnson March-April 1991 Over Here Brooks-Anne Crumley
Kent Johnson March-April 1988 1940 Radio Hour Teddy Harling
Kent Johnson January-February 1975 Stop The World, I Want To Get Off unknown
Kent Johnson January-February 1984 Never Get Smart With An Angel Flo Blackstock
Kent Johnson March-April 1978 Two By Two Fred Albright
Kent Johnson January-February 1981 Teahouse Of The August Moon Kent Johnson
Kirk Larson November-December 2004 Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
Kirk Larson July 2012 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Kirk Larson May 2011 The Philadelphia Story-2011
Kirk Larson March 2010 Anything Goes
Kirk Larson March 2009 Carousel The Theater
Kirk Larson March-April 2007 Annie Get Your Gun-2007
Kirk Larson March-April 2006 Company The Theater
Kirk Larson August 2015 Sabrina Fair
Kirk Larson January-February 2002 Arsenic and Old Lace-2002 The Theater
Larry Blake November-December 1986 Auntie Mame Roz Abrams
Larry Blake November-December 1984 To Grandmother's House We Go Jack Fleming
Larry Blake September-October 1985 The Madwoman Of Chaillot Lee Dorman
Larry Blake May-June 1986 The Twarting Of Baron Bolligrew Lorraine McWilliams
Larry Trammell November 1967 Hat Full Of Rain unknown
Larry Trammell 1967 Critic's Choice unknown
Lee Clark May-June 1993 Romantic Comedy Brooks-Anne Crumley & Roz Abrams
Lenore Stjerne November-December 2005 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Theater
Lenore Stjerne November-December 2007 Lend Me a Tenor-2007
Lenore Stjerne November 2012 Proof
Lenore Stjerne November-December 2006 Crimes of the Heart
Lenore Stjerne November-December 1995 The Odd Couple-1995 Elizabeth Hart
Lenore Stjerne November-December 2013 Picnic-2013
Lenore Stjerne November-December 2000 Steel Magnolias The Theater
Lenore Stjerne November-December 1998 Marvin's Room Sandi Newcomb
Lenore Stjerne September-October 1997 Lost In Yonkers Jeff Crumley
Lenore Stjerne September 2010 The Mousetrap-2010
Lenore Stjerne July 2008 The Rainmaker-2008 The Theater
Lenore Stjerne July 2011 The Shadow Box
Lenore Stjerne July 2009 All My Sons
Lenore Stjerne May-June 2003 Sylvia
Lenore Stjerne May-June 2000 Rumors Sandi Newcomb
Lenore Stjerne May-June 2002 Jake's Women The Theater
Lenore Stjerne May-June 2005 The Last Night of Ballyhoo
Lenore Stjerne May-June 2004 Moon Over Buffalo The Theater
Lenore Stjerne May-June 1995 Social Security Jennifer Boudreau
Lenore Stjerne March-April 1997 Bus Stop Jeff Crumley
Lenore Stjerne March-April 1993 Little Murders Edward J. Steneck
Lenore Stjerne April 2016 A Few Good Men
Lorraine McWilliams July-August 1986 Arsenic and Old Lace Lou Brooks
Louise Van Vianen November 1970 David And Lisa unknown
Marc LeBlanc November-December 1991 The Happy Time Aaron Abrams & Steve Carlock
Marc LeBlanc July-August 1990 Bye Bye Birdie Brooks-Anne Crumley
Marc LeBlanc July-August 1992 Applause Sandi Newcomb
Marc LeBlanc May-June 1997 The Hound Of The Baskervilles Sandi Newcomb
Marc LeBlanc March-April 1998 Cabaret Sandi Newcomb
Marc LeBlanc March-April 1990 Oliver! Sandi Newcomb
Marc LeBlanc January-February 1995 Night Of January 16th-1995 Sandi Newcomb
Marc LeBlanc January-February 1994 Murder On The Nile Sandi Newcomb & Edward J. Stenec
Marc LeBlanc January-February 1989 Ten Little Indians Steve Carlock
Marie Madera July-August 2004 Sweet Charity-2004
Mark D. Lyen March-April 2005 Tommy
Mark D. Lyen March-April 1999 Pippin Sandi Newcomb
Mark Terreso July-August 2003 Into The Woods The Theater
Mark Terreso March-April 2002 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum-2 The Theater
Marla Gam-Hudson March-April 1989 Tintypes Steve Carlock & Roz Abrams
Mary Sullivan Slack November-December 1992 Light Up The Sky-1992 Roz Abrams
Michael Aquila July-August 1982 Drunkard Clarence Blackstock
Michael Roos January-February 1991 House Of Blue Leaves Theresa Beck & Roz Abrams
Nelson Gilmore July-August 1985 Lo And Behold ! Jan Angelino
Patricia Gonzalez June 2016 Funny Money
Patricia Miller September 2011 Hay Fever
Patricia Miller September-October 2001 Picnic The Theater
Patricia Miller July 2010 The Pajama Game-2010
Patricia Miller July-August 1996 Once Upon A Mattress-1996 Jeff Crumley
Patricia Miller July 2013 You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
Patricia Miller July-August 2005 Annie The Theater
Patricia Miller May-June 1998 Blithe Spirit Mark D. Lyen
Patricia Miller December 2015 Plaid Tidings
Randy Cobb July-August 1984 Snoopy !!! Art Winslow
Richard Morrill September-October 1983 Mister Roberts Carol Beckett
Ron Albertson November-December 1979 A Medal For Roberto Mat Wallace
Ron Albertson September-October 1976 The Mousetrap unknown
Ron Albertson July-August 1987 Bullshot Crummond Jim Allen
Ron Albertson March-April 1979 Seven Keys To Baldpate Ron Albertson
Ron Albertson March-April 1978 Any Number Can Die Ron Albertson
Ron Albertson January-February 1980 The Night Is My Enemy Ron Albertson
Ron Filian November-December 1977 Forty Carats Jim Allen
Ron Filian November-December 1978 Last Of The Red Hot Lovers Ron Filian
Ron Filian May-June 1977 See How They Run unknown
Ron Filian March-April 1980 Mixed Doubles Flo Blackstock
Ron Filian March-April 1976 Janus unknown
S.H. Wiggs September 2012 Much Ado About Nothin
Sandi Newcomb November-December 1993 Cactus Flower Steve Carlock
Sandi Newcomb November-December 1996 Father Of The Bride Sandi Newcomb
Sandi Newcomb July-August 1997 Sound of Music Brooks-Anne & Jeff Crumley
Sandi Newcomb July-August 2006 Oliver!-2006
Sandi Newcomb July-August 1999 Oklahoma!-1999 Jeff Crumley
Sandi Newcomb July-August 1998 Cinderella Brooks Anne Crumley
Sandi Newcomb July-August 2001 West Side Story-2001 The Theater
Sandi Newcomb July-August 1994 Man Of La Mancha Steve Carlock & Elizabeth Hart
Sandi Newcomb July-August 2000 Grease-2000 The Theater
Sandi Newcomb May-June 1992 California Suite Steve Carlock
Sandi Newcomb March-April 2004 Gypsy-2004 The Theater
Sandi Newcomb March-April 2003 The Fantasticks-2003
Sandi Newcomb March-April 1996 Guys And Dolls Jeff Crumley
Scott T. Finn April 2015 Rehearsal for Murder
Sherman Wiggs, Jr. December 2014 Inspecting Carol
Sondra Evans March-April 1975 Everybody Loves Opel unknown
Sondra Evans February 1972 Star Spangled Girl unknown
Sondra Evans January-February 1977 The Fantastics unknown
Stan Pritchard November-December 1975 Butterflies Are Free unknown
Stan Pritchard July-August 1976 GodSpell Dick Taylor
Steve Carlock November-December 1990 Broadway Bound Sandi Newcomb
Steve Carlock March-April 1992 The Fantasticks-1992 Sandi Newcomb
Susan Marx May-June 2007 How the Other Half Loves
Susan Marx May-June 2008 Stepping Out
T.J. Dawson July-August 2007 Side Show
Tessa Jacobs September-October 2003 The Cemetary Club The Theater
Tom Hardy November-December 1999 The Unexpected Guest Lenore Stjerne
Tom Hardy September-October 2002 The Foreigner
Tom Hardy September 2009 Killjoy-2009
Tom Hardy May-June 1996 Oh, Fudge ! Elizabeth Hart
Tom Hardy January 2009 Don't Dress for Dinner The Theater
Tom Hardy May-June 2006 Harvey The Theater
Tom Hardy January-February 2007 Murder at the Howard Johnson's
Tom Mynar January-February 2014 Boeing, Boeing
Tom Mynar January 2010 Footlight Frenzy
Tom Mynar January 2012 Leading Ladies
Tom Titus April 1968 Summer Lighting unknown
Tom Titus March-April 1986 George Washington Slept Here Art Winslow
Tom Titus May 1968 Light Up The Sky unknown
Tom Titus January-February 1979 Sunday In New York Jim Allen
Tony Grande November 2009 And Then There Were None The Theater
Tony Grande March-April 2008 Run for your Wife
unknown November-December 1969 The Odd Couple unknown
unknown November 1965 Time Limit unknown
unknown November 1966 Come Blow Your Horn unknown
unknown November 1963 Three One Act Plays unknown
unknown September-October 1974 Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter unknown
unknown September 1970 Bell, Book & Candle unknown
unknown September-October 1969 Under The Yum Yum Tree unknown
unknown September 1966 The Mouse That Roared unknown
unknown August 1965 No, No, A Million Times No unknown
unknown August 1963 Heaven Can Wait unknown
unknown June 1968 Born Yesterday unknown
unknown June 1962 Bells Are Ringing unknown
unknown May 1966 Tender Trap-1966 unknown
unknown May 1965 Alice In Wonderland unknown
unknown May-June 1974 Don't Drink The Water unknown
unknown May 1970 Once For The Asking unknown
unknown April-May 1972 Antigone unknown
unknown April 1967 Come Back, Little Sheba unknown
unknown May 1963 Tender Trap unknown
unknown March-April 1976 Gypsy unknown
unknown March-April 1969 Night Of January 16th unknown
unknown February-March 1971 Thieves Carnival unknown
unknown February 1965 Hasty Heart unknown
unknown February-March 1963 Time Out For Marriage unknown
unknown January-February 1969 Invitation To A March unknown
unknown October 1964 Send me No Flowers unknown
unknown January 1962 Happiest Millionaire unknown
unknown August 1961 Oklahoma! unknown
unknown January-February 1966 The Broom And The Groom unknown